Photo of TheresaTheresa was born in Minnesota in 1960. She then moved to Denver, Colorado with her parnets in 1969. By age 15, Theresa and her mother started doing Stained Glass. Her mother started a business in 1980 and Theresa did most of the designs and some constructions. In 1998, Theresa moved to Georgetown, Colorado and started her own business; Mountain Magic Stained Glass. Since 2019, Theresa has resided in picturesque Dumont, Colrado.

Theresa has a love for the outdoors and wildlife. She skies, mountain bikes, camps, and most everything outdoors. This is represented in most of her art work. Many of her designs are remakes of photos Theresa took while out on some adventure in the mountains or desert.

Theresa's strengths in stained glass include design (all original), picking the right glass, and soldering. She works well with the clients to achieve the best fit for their home or business.